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Anonymous asked:
oh i guess i pictured it to be a recent thing. is she the girl you talk about on here so frequently? or is that someone else?

the one that I formerly talked about a lot on here. I haven’t mentioned anything about her in a few months I don’t believe 

slidealongside asked:
Hey, how are you doing?

Good and yourself?

Anonymous asked:
what caused everything to be "said and done"?

She started dating another guy. Its whatever, been a couple years at this point.

Anonymous asked:
so have you only been in love once? what do you mean she didn't love you back in the same way? lol sorry not trying to be a creeper or anything im just curious.

Yeah I’ve only been in love once, and its a little complicated. She always said that she “loved” me and I always took it as the kind of love a couple has, but when everything was said and done, I realized that it simply just wasn’t the case. 


this is the greatest blooper 

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Anonymous asked:
have you ever been in love?

Yeah, it’s pretty safe to assume that I was, but she didn’t love me back in the way that I did, and we were never together. 

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